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A Small Token...

Gifts are never expected, but are truly appreciated xo

Below you will I have decided to start a bottle collection! Any bottle of alcohol is welcome! 




Stocks & Financial books


White Wine: Pinot Grigio




I prefer live plants or flower pots that I can care for and watch grow!


Favorite Cuisine:







I love all sorts of chocolate!



Size 7


Size 7.5



Gift Cards:



Air Canada

Bath & Body works

Delta Airline

Holt Renfrew

Honey Birdette



Saks 5th Avenue




If you prefer to send an e-giftcard, you may send it to :

Thank you so much!

More Time with Zaara

Monthly Package Xclusive™ to Toronto Gents

You can book these dates anytime your schedule allows within the monthly frame.

  • 3h dinner dates x 3 times 

  • 6h Day date (Must include an activity + Food +1.5 alone time)

  • casual texting (within means)


  • 3h dinner dates x 2 times

  • 8h Day date ( An Activity, Food+ 2h alone time)

(Must include an activity + Food)

  • 24h road trip somewhere close by.

  • casual texting (within means)


  • 3h dinner dates x 2 times

  • 8h Day date ( An Activity, Food+ 2h alone time)

  • 48h trip anywhere you want to take me. If we are flying the flights must be covered by you. You may break it into 2 road trips.

  • casual texting (within means)


Completely Xclusive™ to only you:

  • 12h overnight (Must include Dinner) x 3

  • 8h Day date ( An Activity, Food+ 2h alone time) x 3

  • 72h trip anywhere you want to take me. If we are flying the flights must be covered by you. You may break it into 3 road trips.

  • casual texting (within means)


Contact me

Please don't forget to completely fill out the form below when you are contacting me!​​

Other wise i will not reply.

I place a very high value on privacy, safety & confidentiality.


(647) 497-2027

Thanks for submitting!


Hello there

I was waiting for you...

To enter this page you agree that you are 21 years old where 18 isn't the legal age of majority. You also agree with our terms and conditions. Any money exchanged is strictly for companionship. Anything that happens within this time is a private matter of consenting adults. You have read this agreement, understood it and agree to be bound by it.​

blurrred standing blue.jfif

Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver

Canadian Rates

1H -Lustful Meeting- 500

1.5 H -Sensual Encounter- 750

 2 H -Secret Tryst- 1000
3 H - Dinner Date on you - 1300

4 H -Dinner Date on me - 1600

15H -An Evening to Remember- 3500

24H -Full Day Together- 5000

Get in Touch for FMTY's


1 H -Lustful Meeting- 400

1.5H -Sensual Encounter- 600

 2 H -Secret Tryst- 800
3 H -Dinner Date - 1000

*Every additional hour is 200

Edmonton | Calgary

1H -Lustful Meeting- 500

1.5H -Sensual Encounter- 700

 2 H -Secret Tryst- 900
3 H -Dinner on you - 1200

4 H -Dinner on me- 1500

Extended hours:

12H -Overnight- 2200

24H -A Day Together- 3000

48H -A Weekend Getaway- 4500

Vancouver | Victoria

This is your description. Write a short overview including a description of your plan or service, important features and any other relevant info for a potential customer.


USA Rates

Screening: Is mandatory. There is no way around it. If you cannot provide one of the following please do not contact me.

Age: Mid 20s
Height: 5 ft 
Measurements: 34C-26-36
Enhancements: None

Drinks: Red Wine (Night time), White wine (Day time) or Tea

Cuisine: Seafood, French & Italian

Gift Cards: Air Canada, Fashion Nova, Uber

white dree W #_edited.jpg

I'm a strong believer that "The deepest pleasure begins from the mind". I value gents who try to get to know me while sharing delicious food some wine & having meaningful conversation about life as we get to know each other.

If you are solely looking for some quick gratification then I am sorry to inform you that I am not the girl for you and strongly advise that you do not book me. I value long term companionship in which we can both teach each other about the world and learn from one another. I am not interested in being a part of someone's "hobby" or a one time fling in which I put my energy getting to know you and then never see you again. It's fine if we do not have chemistry between us, of course. As I mentioned earlier, I value people who understand that companionship is not about reaching your destination but the journey there. The getting to know each other, the flirty glances, the joking, the teasing, locking eyes with one other while sipping wine.

If you enjoy romance, then I am the girl for you.

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