Toronto Rates

1H -Lustful Meeting- 500

1.5H -Sensual Encounter- 700

 2 H -Secret Tryst- 900
3 H -Dinner Date- 1200

​4 H -Dinner Date on me- 1400

More Time together

15H -Overnight- 3000
24H -A Day Together- 4000
48H -A Weekend Getaway- 5000

Want to whisk me away?  I am passport ready. Please Inquire directly.​​


Interested in booking a duo? I have many wonderful friends in the industry that would love to join us. 


To ensure we both have a good time...

please keep in mind


Is absolutely mandatory. There is no way around it. If you cannot provide one of the following please do not contact me in the hopes of me letting it go. This is for my comfort and peace of mind. If you don't feel comfortable with screening then there are plenty of other providers you can see. We both need to be comfortable to have a good time.

What Services do I provide?

I am an authentic girlfriend experience (please google this)  & very open minded and willing to try out new things. But please do not come to me with a list of A, B, C, D. I don’t believe in quick gratification, but long lasting passionate moments. Please keep in mind I am not a machine. I cannot provide every acronym in the book like a robot. Each session is different based on chemistry, hygiene & respect. I prefer the session to flow as naturally as possible.

Good Hygiene

Being clean is key to having a wonderful time together. I expect you to freshen up once you arrive. Including washing your hands, using the mouth wash and showering upon arrival. So please do it properly beforehand & wrap the towel around your waist. Please do not wear your undergarments and come out. As scents transfer on the skin. Otherwise the session will be mediocre! As I have impeccable hygiene. I expect the same from you !

Respect Time

Please be on time. If you happen to arrive earlier please wait for further instructions by waiting in your car or in a nearby cafe. Not in the lobby. When you arrive at my incall please speak in a low volume to avoid any unwanted attention. Please leave on time. Overtime will be subjected to a $200/hh. As it's not respectful to casually overstay.


I respect your boundaries & private life. I respect you. I expect the same hospitality from you. If I see you in public, I will never come up to you. Whether you are alone or with someone else. I expect the same from you. I expect the same type of respect for boundary from you.


Please leave the donation somewhere in clear sight upon your arrival inn an unsealed envelope within the first 5 minutes of our meeting. Preferably next to the television. Then excuse yourself to the washroom to freshen up. So I am able to count the donation in private.