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JANUARY 3, 2020

Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases Priority will be given to longer appointments + Repeat Clients. If you happen to be a new client. the second time you book you will be eligible for the "Repeat clients" rate.


1H -Quick Break-

Can't get away from the daily hustle bustle of life or commit to a longer appointment but are still intrigued to meet me ? 

- 400 Roses - Repeat Clients

- 450 Roses - New Clients

1.5H -Sensual Encounter-

Need to blow off some steam from work or co-workers? Go to work with a smile on your face. It can be our little secret.

- 600 Roses - Repeat Clients

- 650 Roses - New Clients

2 H - Secret Tryst -

Why not forget about the horrid times we are in & let's get to know each other inside out over a glass of wine perhaps? Coffee or tea works too.

-800 Roses-


3 H -Dinner & Wine on me-


Worried about dining outside amid Covid-19? No worries!

Pick your favorite cuisine and I will have it waiting for you! Lets get to know each other over good food, wine and laughter.
After all, true chemistry starts from the mind...

- 1000 Roses - 

Extras: Saree/Indian outfit and jewellery: 40​


All Outcalls require a minimum of 1.5h booking and a flat fee to cover any uber expenses. (Indian outfit included if requested)

Downtown: + 50

Mississauga: +100

Markham: +150

Other: Inquire please



1 H - Quick Break - 600 Roses

1.5 H - Pleasurable explosion - 800 Roses
 2 H - Secret Tryst - 1000 Roses

3H - Wine & Dine - 1200 Roses

​4H - Extra Time Together - 1500 Roses

Inquire about overnights/Longer dates  

*Previous clients are eligible for previous rates


Cancelling An Appointment:​​

Please contact me only if you are 100% sure. Due to Covid-19 I am taking extra precautions to remain low volume.




Please be on time. If you happen to arrive earlier please wait for further instructions. Wait in your car.

NOT the lobby. If you are running late and are more than 10 minutes late, I will have to start cutting into our time together.

Over Time: 

If the time surpasses I will charge a full half hour's time and expect an additional $250 for any surpassed time.

As it is rude to casually overstay. Please be respectful to my time.


Please leave the donation somewhere in clear sight upon your arrival inn an unsealed envelope within the first 5 minutes of our meeting. Preferably next to the television. Then excuse yourself to the washroom to freshen up. So I am able to count the donation in private.

Good Hygiene:

Being clean is key to having a wonderful time together. I expect you to freshen up once you arrive. Including washing your hands, using the mouth wash and showering upon arrival. 

If I feel like you did not do a proper clean up the first time around, I will  send you back the bathroom for another shower. I have good hygiene. I expect the same from you.

So please do it properly beforehand & wrap the towel around your waist. Please do not wear your undergarments and come out. As scents transfer on the skin.

Discretion & Privacy 

I respect your boundaries & private life. I respect you. I expect the same hospitality from you. If I see you in public, I will never come up to you. Whether you are alone or with someone else. I expect the same from you. I might wave at you or smile if I know you are 100% alone. However, I will never approach you. It does not matter whether I am alone or with anyone else. I expect the same type of respect for boundary from you.

Respect: Sometimes, things get heated in the bedroom. Sometimes we tend to get carried away. However, if I have to repeat "Don't do that it hurts" or "no" more than 2 times. i will ask you to leave  without reimbursing you.

These rules are in place to ensure we both have a wonderful time together.

If at anytime after our booking I feel uneasy regarding anything, I retain the right to cancel the booking and return the deposit, to save us both from any disappointment.


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