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"She's absolutely gorgeous and could make anyone feel comfortable with her presence. The pics and stats on her website are accurate"

"​Zaara has a great personality and very easy to get on with. She was very accommodating. "

"She's an incredible woman... down to earth, puts you at ease, fun to hang out with and sexy as hell."

"I have seen her for the third time yesterday at a downtown condo and had a great time from start to finish. She is a great host, genuinely cares that you have a pleasurable experience and I can't forget the cute smile she had through out the session."

"She is very pretty and she is also very friendly. Not much of a repeater but i would consider seeing her again."

"Zaara has a beautiful body and is very attractive. Definitely a night I'll remember - and a girl who is smart, sexy, and very sensual. When she showed up at my door, I was left stunned for a few minutes, wondering if I was dreaming. Zaara is as advertised"

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